Monday, 24 November 2014

How to build a Polar Express

The boy is obsessed with the film Polar express so much that we watch it all year round and he and I can probably recite the whole film. With us enjoying more screen free time the key is to keep the boys busy before they start jumping off all the furniture or using me as a trampoline. When the boy asked if he could have his own Polar express it sounded like a good pre Christmas project.

One evening when the boy seemed to leave school with an angry head we set to work. I found an old toy box and we proceeded to cover it in black bin bags. The boy was on sellotape duties.

We used some sofa cushions to make the top and front look a little more rounded. Next up was finding a chimney. The boy came back with a disused storage basket which was perfect so it too was covered in a black bag and stuck on.

Next was the snow plough we found a book shelf waiting to be fitted in the new play room which was the perfect shape so it too was covered and stuck on. The light was the lid to the boys threading bead tub.

We used the boys plates to draw tound tissue paper for the wheels & the young ones spare car seat made a great drivers seat too

There you have it folks our home made train, but not just any train the Polar Express. We will be continuing the theme throughout the next few weeks and making golden tickets, a conductor hat and dancing along to the music if the train makes it that long! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fun at the beach

It's no secret we love to spend time at the beach but what did surprise me recently was the anount of other visitors to our local beach in Autumn. The car park was rammed much more so than on a Sunday in the summer. 

The reason why I love Lepe so much is because it is more than just a beach. The boys play in the sandy stones, walk along the groynes, play in the park.

Learn about Lepe's part in the D-Day landing and walk on the old road.

There is also a nature walk and lots of puddles when it's been raining. This is the place I took the boy for his very first puddle jumping session when he was 1 and he hasn't grown tired of it.

Boys will boys as they say with the boy trying to splash his brother.

Guess who jumps higher!

There's my world right there.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Big boy bed

The time has come to mark down another milestone for the young one. At 23 months he has decided he no long wants to sleep in a cot.

Three days after he refused to go in his booster seat at the table the cot had the same response. He would cry as soon as we started putting him in it. He would lay on the floor & point saying 'ny nigh' (night night) or desperately try & climb the steps to the boys mid sleeper bed.

I wasn't ready to make the switch & it happened really quickly but he knew what he wanted. He tried to climb out so I watched to see if he could do. Sure enough he went head first & the husband caught him so the decision was made.

We took the side off so he couldn't hurt himself & he climbed straight in. He didn't try & get out which was a result and he was asleep within 10 minutes. In the morning when he woke at 5 he just came into our bed and fell asleep again. This never happens! He always struggles to sleep anywhere other than his cot. 

He's been in bed for five nights and settles really quickly although we are back at the waiting with him holding his head until he is snoozing. He has started waking at around 3 or four the past few nights and refuses to go back to sleep for two hours so we are back at the bleary eyed stage and my baby isn't such a baby anymore.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bib n braces from Muddy Puddles

I'm one of the muddy mums for muddy puddles which means sometimes I get to review some of their items as well as make guest appearances on their site. This isn't a review they have asked me write, in fact they don't know I'm writing this.

When I first discovered muddy puddles I was on the hunt for some bibs n braces for the boy but didn't know which ones to go for. We love being outside so it's important that the boys are warm and dry otherwise it's no fun for any of us!

I went for the original bibs n braces in age 5-6 as he is very tall for a four year old and was wearing aged 5 clothes at the time. They are lightweight and ideal for the spring, summer. autumn days when it's still warm but wet for an older child who gets too hot running around. They also work really well at keeping him clean during his muddy adventures!

They do come up big and even though the boy is now wearing aged 6-7 clothes they are still big and I find myself twisting the straps to stop them falling low around the crotch.

We've also have the puddleflex bibs n braces for the young one as we thought they would be warmer for him. The fleece lining makes them feel really soft and adds extra padding to keep him warm.The waterproof outer feels a lot tougher than the originals.

I got them in the sale during the summer and put them away for the winter but I dug them out in September due to the mud at the Great Dorset steam fair. I was unsure if they would fit him as I got them in age 2-3 and at 18 months they only just fit him with the straps fully adjusted to the smallest setting. I would say these are true to size as he has plenty of room to grow into them too.

They have poppers on the side which helps trying to get a wriggly toddler dressed and the stirrups on the bottom help keep them down. The straps are elastic and the buckles are big and easy to use. There is a small pocket on the front for the random things he likes to pick up. The reflective strip on the legs came in handy during the fireworks and meant it was easy to see where he was as he was rolling down the hill!

So what's the verdict? Both are fully waterproof as we found out during the rainy trips to watch the fireworks in the torrential rain. The Puddleflex seem the superior pair but I know they would be too hot in the spring and mild autumn days so it really depends on the season. If you want warmth then you won't be disappointed with the Puddleflex. If you want the lighter originals then go for a smaller size and have fun.