Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The young one turns two

The weekend saw the young one turn two and it was a bit touch and go whether he would be well in time for his birthday but the day came and he was fully recovered and out of quarantine. 

I've always said that I would like to make the boys birthday cakes even if they don't look quite right but I think you can still work out that I made him a Thomas cake. The day before his birthday we had a few of his friends round for a play date and birthday tea before my dad arrived with his new toy.

The boys played with their cousins in the 'snow' and made it a competition to see who could get more on their face! 

On his birthday I wanted to do something train related but not Christmassy. That is a hard find when your birthday is within two weeks of Christmas. Luckily a friend of mine tagged me in a post on facebook about track party. It's basically a massive toy train track which the kids get free rein on and are allowed to play on. They were fairly local on his actual birthday so we paid our £8 for the boys to play and were glad I booked it when I did because they sold out of all time slots fairly quickly.

The boys loved having a choice of trains and with the perfect number of children allowed int he hall there was plenty of track to go round without any tantrums. The boy was trusted with a fast train and the look on his face when he realised it was about 5 times faster than the other trains was a picture.

We loved it so will be booking up again soon and maybe even for the young ones birthday party next year.

After the train play we went for ice-cream and cake in a nearby ice-cream parlour. We were going to go and look at the Christmas lights in Greyhound Close but with no battery left on our phones we didn't know the way we needed to walk from the train station so we headed home instead.

All in all a great birthday for our second born on his second birthday.

Gift guide for two year old

The young one has just had his second birthday but Christmas is just around the corner so people keep asking me what can we get him. I never like to give gift ideas as I don't like to presume a budget. We have a large family and I can honestly say that the best gift they could give is there time. Take the boys and treat them to a day out. This isn't just so the husband and I can have a child free day - honest.

However, they still like to wrap up a gift so here's a few ideas that I know L would love!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

December update

It's been a while since my last update as life has just been so crazy coupled with the fact the young one has been poorly with a really bad cold but we've managed to fit some fun in too.

The boy had afternoon tea with Santa at fairweather's garden center in Beaulieu which was excellent value for money. I was a little apprehensive about the visit before hand as it was strictly over 3's due to the fact younger children had taken away from the older children's experience in prior years. They had a story, decorated a giant gingerbread tree and had a good time with Santa who also visited the tables when the children were eating their lunch box after he had seen everyone.

I called after we had booked to let them know that the young one would be with us as we had no childcare. This left me dreading the visit as I was told that if I hadn't already booked then they would have suggested I didn't. Needless to say I was worried about the reaction we would get when he joined us but I shouldn't have worried.He was fab and the staff didn't batter an eyelid about him being there so we could all enjoy the visit and a friend took a fab family picture of us.

The boy performed his 'star'ing role in his first nativity. It's quite something watching all the the little four years dancing and singing along full of confidence when confronted by rows of beaming parents with camera's in hand.

We also attended our first lantern parade which was nothing like what I expected. The boy wouldn't hold his lantern preferring to run off and chase his friends. We ended up at the church for a few carols and hot chocolate. It was so busy we ended up sitting in the alter where the choir usually sit so were on full view. This isn't good with a bunch of boys who want to chase each other so we made our excuses when the young one decided to fill his nappy and we didn't return.

We bought our Christmas tree from Ikea for £25 and have our voucher to spend £20 in January so effectively the tree costs £5. We have yet to decorate it properly due to time constraints but we are hopeful this will be done next week.

The young one has been a bit poorly which means he has been really unsettled in the evenings hence the lack of posts. Today is also the young ones birthday but I'll save that for another post.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review - IVECO cement mixer

The boy was sent the IVECO cement mixer to review from the big works range offered by TOMY and his face was a picture when he saw it. It's HUGE and certainly will make an impact under any tree this Christmas.

It came out the box easily and quickly thanks to the twine holding it in place. The back of the box can be used for a scene setter but my boys are too impatient and boisterous for them to use it. 

The cab looks realistic and the husband was impressed with the amount of detail not to mention the lights!

There are headlights at the front and orange lights on top which are activated by pressing the buttons on top of the cab.

The cement mixer turns round with the friction of the wheels in both directions which was a nice feature There are two parts of a cement chute which can be stored on the truck when they are not in use. These attach onto the back and although we found it a but fiddly to put together to start with we soon found the knack. Top tip - don't try and push them onto each other, tilt them at a 90 angle and they will gentle slide into place.

The top of the chute is open which means the boys can and do post things inside which added to the fun when they could hear a marble being swirled round. 

The IVECO cement truck retails at £39.99 which seems a little expensive compared to some other large trucks but I have seen them for sale for around the £30 mark which seems more reasonable. The boys will have plenty of play value out of the cement mixer and have used it to recreate the scene when we had a real life cement mixer pour the foundations for our extension. 

TOMY are looking for feedback on what toys your children favored last Christmas. We all know children receive lots of toys but TOMY are interested in finding out which ones they took to bed with them. If you would like help with their research and leave an e-mail address you will be sent a discount code to use on their website as a thank you. The survey can be found here.